Kindness Matters! Hillcrest School Students share Kindness with Shuswap Lake Health-Care Auxiliary Volunteer Ruth Dynes.
Hillcrest School students Chris, Kayden, and Brad are performing Random Acts of Kindness throughout the Salmon Arm community. The Shuswap Hospital Foundation office is located near the entrance to the Shuswap Lake General Hospital. I was sitting in my office and I heard a young voice saying “Thank you for volunteering your time to help people who come to the hospital.”
When I went out to learn more, I discovered 3 young students, who were thanking Shuswap Lake Health-Care Auxiliary Volunteer Ruth Dynes for giving her time to help others. This brought tears to Ruth’s eyes and to my eyes. Many patients in the waiting area were also very moved by this unexpected appreciation. What a wonderful idea.
The young boys in the photo told us they were on their way after this to play crib with Bastion Place residents, and they thought they might get beaten in the game by the seniors! We certainly live in a wonderful community, and our day was brightened by this Random Act of Kindness. Thank you, Chris, Kayden and Brad of Hillcrest School for making our day! Photo and submission by Diana Walker, Office Manager, Shuswap Hospital Foundation, Salmon Arm, BC February 20, 2014