A white heart is a symbol commonly used to convey hope, pure thought and steadfast intention. You are invited to share a White Heart to show your appreciation to the staff at SLGH and healthcare facilities in the Shuswap.

Out of a deep appreciation for our healthcare staff and the tremendous sacrifice they are making, the White Heart Project was born. By sending your words of appreciation by email to info@suswaphospitalfoundation.org download and displaying our signature White Heart on your Door, or simply sharing our social media posts, you are showing our doctors, nurses and all who work in healthcare how grateful we all are.


Download our signature White Heart, print it out and display it for all to see! Show your gratitude for healthcare workers in our community by putting a White Heart and gratitude message on your home door or window.

Send us an email to info@shuswaphospitalfoundation.org with words of thanks to the healthcare team at SLGH and healthcare facilities. Type a short message and we’ll write your words on a white heart and display it within the hospital for healthcare workers to read. The white heart project is your way to say thank you for all they do for us. Be sure to type from the heart♥

  1. Download (below image) ( right-click and “save as” the image to your computer)
  2. Print it Out
  3. Cut it out
  4. Display it on your home

*Your information is private. We will not use or share your personal contact info.


*Snap a photo to share on your social channels, tag and

#whiteheartproject #whiteheartsforslgh #istayhomeforslgh #istayhomeforhealthcareworkers

#whiteheartproject #whiteheartsforslgh #istayhomeforslgh #istayhomeforhealthcareworkers

#whiteheartproject #whiteheartsforslgh #istayhomeforslgh #istayhomeforhealthcareworkers

Join the #whiteheartproject on Social Media, share your thanks for healthcare workers Tag and follow #whiteheartproject. Follow Shuswap Hospital Foundation and share our post. You’ll find us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/shuswaphospitalfoundation

NOTE: Even if you are not in Salmon Arm you can utilize the social media and door templates to continue the movement in your own community

Since 1986 the Shuswap Hospital Foundation has worked with our generous community to raise funds to support excellence in health care in Shuswap healthcare facilities. In an area with a population of 44,000 and growing, the Shuswap Hospital Foundation raises funds to meet the needs for priority equipment to ensure best care for patients and residents in our community.

Shuswap Hospital Foundation


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  1. These two retired seniors isolated at home would like to thank all the brave front line workers in the Shuswap area, especially the doctors, nurses and other staff at the Salmon Arm Hospital. Keep up the good work! Love you!

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