You can inspire hope, health and healing through your donations because patients are our priority.

Memorial Tributes

Many folks wish to have a friend or relative remembered after their passing by way of a contribution in their memory. When those contribution reach a total of $2000 the Foundation prepares a Memorial Tribute to the deceased.

Alexander, Dr. R. John

Askew, Dorothy

Ayles, Roger Blythe

Bickle, Evelyn Leona

Brecknell, Bertha Evelyn

Brese, Gordon

Casavant, Marc Raymond

Casselman, Jim

Crerar, Nancy

Davies, Cody Allan

Dhaliwal-Sumra, Mandy

Dilworth, Catherine

Douhaniuk, Bill

Douhaniuk, Mary

Finnen, Claire

Ford, Iris

Frolke, Charlotte

Fujikawa, Hatsumi Grace

Giszas, Annelore Elizabeth

Golnick, Hazel Ruby

Grieve, Doug

Gulliford MD, Captain Eve Forrest

Harris, Sandy

Haslop, George Kenneth Alfred

Hughes (nee Ogawa), Keiko ‘Kay’

Hughes, Daryl and Donna-Lynne

Johnston, Joy

Karpowich, Stanley

Longdo, Dorothy

Low, Dr. Cedric

Marshall, Beverley

Marshall, Gordon

McCall, Winston

McClellan, Lois Fay

McClelland, Noel “Santa”

McKendry, Isobel Margaret

Mier, Erwin Helmut

Mobley, Howard Irvin

Mobley, Ruby Annie Gloria

Monk, Ingrid

Monk, John

Mueller, Anna Marie

Nicklason, Neil Oral (Bud)

Norris, Clifford

Owens, Norma Lillian

Penner, Dr. Lee A.

Pringle, Sybil (Sy)

Pryhitko, William (Bill)

Pukas, Paul

Ready, Shayne

Rolin, Garry Edward

Scholl, Hans George

Shannon, Barb

Smith, Lois

Smith, Raymond ‘Smitty’ John

Sneve, Diana

Strilchuk, Julian

Stroulger, Robert Arthur (Bob)

Vaughan, Del

Villeneuve, Emile

Wainwright, James Ross ‘Jim’

Walton, Ronald Bertram

Watt, Mary

Wayslow, John

Whitehead, Ted

Williams, Dr. Ralph

Wood, Betty Anne